Project Controls Management is about integrating the disciplines involved with your project controls.  It's about combining every element to give your team data-clarity and help you make proactive, informed management decisions.

As a busy project manager, you'll probably agree that you have enough to do without having to micro-manage each project control discipline.  So we make your life easy by removing the pain with a single point of contact for liaison.

Our Project Controls Managers bring a wealth of experience managing controls teams across a diverse range of projects.

Blueprint Project Controls Management services include:

  • Project Breakdown Structure establishment
  • Project Controls Process Maps and Procedure Development
  • Project Controls Maturity Assessment
  • Project Controls team competency assessment
  • Development of a Project Controls 'Blueprint' for your project or organisation
  • Scope Capture support
  • Project Controls team management
  • Integration of project control disciplines
  • Development of project control tools, templates, dashboards and reporting systems
  • Project Controls training

Our clients value the clarity we bring to their projects with our Project Controls Management services.  We hope you do too.

By delivering clarity, our proven approach frees project managers' time and frees them from the tyranny of unnecessary data analysis.  It also sets a sustainable model for your ongoing project controls. We're sure you'll like that too.

How would more clarity and control help you?  To arrange your no-obligation initial consultation, please call +44 (0)1452 346274 or email us