Does it seem as if business consultants in general, and project management consultants in particular, are two a penny? Do you know independent project controls support would help, but you can’t afford wrong decisions?

If so, here are some reasons why we’re likely to be right for you:

  • We’re about more than just ‘bums on seats’. We also bring processes, systems, templates, knowledge and specific services that give value and results.

  • Project controls are all we do and what we do best. Compare our approach to consultancies where project control is just another service.

  • We promise a personalised bespoke service. Our structure and ethos gives you reassuringly direct access to our management team.

  • Count on exceptional quality from the ethical, transparent approach engrained in our core values. We never force ‘square pegs’ into ‘round holes’ or promise things we can’t realistically deliver.

  • You’re engaging with an organisation that has a proven project controls record. We’ve successfully implemented controls across projects with values into the multi-billion-pound range.

  • Clients love how our project management and control experience as employees, contractors and consultants gives us insight into what works – and what doesn’t. They also value our fluency with the tools and procedures that matter – not just the fashionable ones.

  • These are people and organisations facing similar project control challenges to you. They like how we reduce risk and deliver reassuringly predictable outcomes. And how we maximise opportunities, while ensuring that their organisations and individuals look good and maintain credibility.

  • We could write volumes about our achievements and what clients think. About how we bring integrity, skill, experience and refreshing transparency to project controls consultancy. And we could prove every word. Even better, we could arrange a no-obligation initial consultation and show you what we can do. To arrange it, please call +44 (0)1453 383211 or email us.