Risk Management is a key project controls process for understanding risks, (threats and opportunities) and managing them proactively.  This is achieved through minimising threats and maximising opportunities.

Understanding, managing and mitigating the risk inherent in all projects, and maintaining understanding through your project’s lifecycle, are two keys to successful outcomes.

Here then are the road-tested components of our best practice risk management approach. This isn’t theory – they’ve all been tried, tested and proven on nuclear, defence and infrastructure projects valued into the £billion range. They work.

Blueprint Risk Management Services include:

  • Full Lifecycle Risk Management, utilising Industry Best Practice techniques
  • Risk Workshop facilitation
  • Independently reviewing existing Risk Management systems and aligning to Industry Best Practice
  • Implementation of a Risk Management system, (including Chorum Risk Manager) using best practice processes, templates and systems
  • Establish your Project Risk Management Plan
  • Support towards preparation of Change Notes, Gate Packs and Bids
  • Ensure risk traceability throughout your organisation
  • Ensure organisation-wide risk traceability
  • Support effective mitigation planning, to drive threats down and exploit opportunities
  • Establish Quality practices encompassing "assure as you go" methodology
  • Risk Register development
  • Production of Risk Waterfalls to track changes in exposure over time
  • Risk Reporting & Dashboard development
  • Opportunity Management
  • Assumption Management
  • NEC3 Risk Management
  • Optimism Bias Assessments
  • Risk Management Process & Procedure development
  • Support preparation of Business cases
  • Risk Management Training

As a conscientious project manager, early identification and management of threats and opportunities gives you the priceless peace of mind of control.

By understanding what’s ahead, how risk evolves during your project’s lifecycle, and mitigating risks with appropriate actions, we’re sure you’ll sleep better.  And enjoy the project outcomes you want.

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