Once you’ve identified risks, imagine how reassuring it will feel to clearly understand their potential project impact so you can plan appropriately . That’s why risk analysis is such an important component of overall risk management – and your project’s overall control.

After setting up an easy-to-use risk register, we’ll look at probability and impact.  We'll also look at estimating uncertainty and consider best, worst and most likely outcomes. From this, we can generate clear, meaningful data in manageable quantities. That’s good, because we all know what happens if you put garbage in…

Blueprint Risk Analysis services include:

  • Quantitative Risk Analysis, (QRA) for Cost & Schedule
  • Run Monte Carlo simulations using industry tools such as Primavera Risk Analysis (Pertmaster) 
  • Prepare QRA reports and dashboards tailored to your needs
  • Provide templates to support QRA process
  • Develop QRA process & procedure

The last thing you want or need is a mass of incomprehensible data that’s unusable for meaningful business decision-making.

That’s why we’ll help you interpret the data in plain English.  We'll use the kind of clear language that you and your colleagues like.  It's the kind that gives clarity and supports informed decisions on risk (or anything else). Think of a focused bright light penetrating the traditional ‘black arts’ of risk analysis.

Imagine how some enlightened risk analysis help with your next project? To arrange your no-obligation initial consultation, please call +44 (0)1452 346 274 or email us.