Anyone can produce reams of data. The problem isn’t generating or finding information.  It’s making sense of what you have and turning it into valuable management information that people can work with to move projects forwards.

Experience shows that unanswered questions are often a recipe for costly disaster. That’s why we take pride in creating systems, processes and procedures so you won’t have to leave anything important to chance. Our reporting service provides clarity and transparency in reporting to ensure a common understanding. 

Blueprint Reporting services include:

  • Independent review of existing project and organisation reporting processes and systems against industry best practices
  • Implementation of new reporting processes and systems
  • Development of programme and project reporting templates
  • Creation of project and programme dashboards
  • Production of performance reports
  • Establishing key reporting metrics and KPI's to support driving continuous improvement
  • Facilitation & input into governance reviews such as Control Account Manager (CAM) reviews

At the heart of our proven methodologies is a commitment to answer ‘so what?’ questions in plain English. The questions that, when answered, help you understand exactly what’s happening with your project.

As project manager, few things are more frustrating than not understanding the reports you get. You know that ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ feeling don’t you? From experience, we do too, which is why clarity is such an important outcome of everything we do.  So is the forward-looking, proactive reporting that adds real value to projects and organisations like yours.

Project managers like that. So do their teams and managers. It’s a refreshing change from piles of well-meant, but ultimately useless data.  The kind of data that costs a fortune to generate, then bogs you down in un-necessary analysis.

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