It’s over 20 years since the New Engineering Contract (NEC) was published. Introducing this family of contracts, offering complete end-to-end project management from planning to completion, brought new opportunities and challenges for project managers and their teams.

The NEC3 contract suite, launched in 2005, further refined a contract form that had always offered the versatility to procure diverse works supply and services. NEC3 is now widely used.  Projects range from major infrastructure projects where we’ve managed project control for years, to minor works and procurement.

Making the most of NEC3's opportunities takes special skill and experience - and integrated deployment of tools and techniques.

Blueprint NEC3 Project Controls services include:

  • Development of NEC3 programme narratives
  • Creation of an NEC3 programme compliance checklist/scorecard to ensure contractual compliance
  • Compensation Event Impact Assessments
  • Alignment of project change process to NEC3 Early Warning and Compensation Event process
  • Alignment of project risk management process to NEC3 risk reduction/early warning process
  • Advice and support on implementing Earned Value Management on NEC3 contracts

From experience on projects, ranging in value from £50k to major public-sector infrastructure worth several billion pounds, we know getting the best from NEC3 demands a systematic approach.

It’s an inherently collaborative contract form, but without the right pre-planning, issues such as differing expectations for using Earned Value Management, can lead to frustrations between the contracting parties. We can help you avoid this.

One of our greatest strengths is an ability, borne of experience, to align robust project controls with the NEC3 contract form.

This might be as simple as understanding the differences between a client organisation and the NEC3 contract obligations, mapping processes and aligning everything and everyone involved.  Because we’ve probably ‘been there and done this’ before, we’re well positioned to save you time, money and reputation. 

Imagine taking the fear out of NEC3 project control and harnessing the versatility of this contract form? To arrange your no-obligation initial consultation, please call +44 (0)1452 346274 or email us.