Will you be ready for your next business-building action with integrated assurance?

Be honest with yourself.  How well integrated is your organisation and its approach to all aspects of project governance? Have you shaken off the limitations of silo-orientated approaches?

Integrated assurance is vital to ensure your readiness to take the next action that moves your project forwards.  Whether this be a bid, or a project gate review, by having a robust assurance model in place, will help to reduce your levels of risk exposure and ultimately bring down costs for your organisation.

Having seen this so often, and how enlightened organisations can transform their approach, drives our passion to help project managers like you.  And we can, using the tools and methodologies of our integrated assurance model summed up by the following:

Blueprint Integrated Assurance Services include:

  • Establishing an integrated project controls assurance process for your project or organisation.
  • Implementation of Competency Assessment Framework for your organisation or project team.
  • Conducting an Integrated Project Maturity Assessment aligned to Industry Best Practice.
  • Conducting a Project Controls Maturity Assessment aligned to Industry Best Practice.
  • Assure your projects through our governance model.  We can facilitate and put in place the following, for your project or organisation:
    • Integrated Baseline Reviews
    • Demonstration Reviews
    • Surveillance Reviews
    • Project Gateway Reviews
    • Bid Stage Reviews
  • Training

We work closely with you, from independently assessing where you are now to understanding your organisational strengths and weaknesses, and arranging on-going coaching, interim reviews and surveillance visits.  As a result, integrated assurance becomes part of your culture - not just today's fad that's abandoned tomorrow.

With a correctly established assurance process in place you can make sure everything you do is set up right. You'll also understand exactly where your organisation or project is now, and reduce risks in the future.

If that sounds reassuring, let's arrange your no-obligation initial consultation.  Please call +44 (0)1452 346274 or email us.