Accurate project estimating sets you up for everything that follows. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to launch into estimating without proper planning? From experience on billion-pound projects, we know this is false economy. By planning estimating as meticulously as the rest of your project, you’ll really give yourself an edge…

We take the pain out of laying the best possible foundations for your project. It’s worth the effort – from creating a robust estimating basis to understanding where data comes from (and whether it’s any good). There are timescales to consider too. And forming the right project team. Feeling uncomfortable? Please don’t! Here’s what we bring to other clients’ project estimating – and can bring to yours:

Blueprint Estimating services include:

  • Whole life costing across all disciplines such as Mechanical, Electrical and Control & Instrumentation
  • Application of 3-point estimating techniques, collation & interpretation of data for Monte Carlo modelling
  • Establishing Industry Best Practice processes, estimating methodologies, systems and templates
  • Applying industry norms and key metrics
  • Establishing Quality practice such as "assure as you go" methodology
  • Developing a robust Estimate Plan and Basis of Estimate to ensure full traceability from the Cost Breakdown Structure to the Schedule and Statements of Work
  • Supporting Business Case costings

This isn’t industry jargon.  It’s the key to your peace of mind and a robust foundation for your estimating.  And the outcomes of the estimating process too – without loads of unnecessary spreadsheets and other documents that cost a fortune to prepare, but never seem to be used.

Estimating is a project in itself. Success comes from meticulous planning, the right structure and clarity. You’ll also have new confidence in your estimating.  You'll know everything’s covered and integration with future supply is in hand.  And that, regardless of your project's size and scope, shoddy estimating won't let it down.

That’s got to be worth the time for a no-obligation initial consultation hasn’t it? To arrange yours, please call +44 (0)1452 346 274 or email us.