Like every aspect of your project controls, your Earned Value Management System deserves meticulous planning and attention to detail from the start. With the right building blocks in place, you’ll be in control.

There’s much more to Earned Value Management (EVM) than just setting up a system and hoping it works okay throughout the project lifecycle.   From experience, we know it's all about having the right processes, systems, people and training in place.  And that's at the heart of what we do.

A properly designed and implemented EVM system is a structured technique that enables objective measurement of project performance and progress. This is achieved by combining measurements of scope, cost and time.

Blueprint EVM services include:

  • Conduct EVM Maturity Modelling for your project or organisation
  • Establish your EVM implementation plan
  • Implement the EVM system for your project or organisation
  • Develop meaningful EVM reports and dashboards
  • Generate Variance Analysis reports
  • Establish Control Account Plans
  • Prepare Control Account Manager (CAM) packs
  • Facilitate and input into CAM reviews
  • Facilitate Integrated Baseline Reviews, (IBR's), Surveillance Reviews, (SR's) and Demonstration Reviews, (DR's)
  • EVM Training

Getting maximum benefit from EVM takes specialised skills and experience.  However, the potential rewards are considerable - particularly on complex, sophisticated long-term projects.

As with so much of our work, we've tried and tested our techniques and methodologies on large and small projects. They’re designed to give you control, accurate information and clarity about the relationship between the three key elements of any project – scope, cost and time.  

And of course, with control and clarity comes priceless peace of mind – and our support all the way to project completion.

Will your next project require EVM? To arrange a no-obligation consultation, and discover how our experience with Earned Value Management supports your reputation as a project manager – please call +44 (0)1452 346 274 or email us.