How confident are you about accurately capturing all your project costs and correctly assigning them? On small projects, proper cost understanding matters. On major defence or infrastructure projects, it can make the difference between success or reputation-ruining failure.

Your cost control system must be simple enough that everyone can understand and use it – yet sufficiently sophisticated and robust to capture all costs consistently.

Cost breakdown must align with the overall work breakdown structure too.  Not just internally, but throughout the supply chain.  That way, all project stakeholders talk the same cost language.  And costs are captured in a consistent format so analysis and allocation are straightforward and don't need costly re-work later.

Blueprint Cost Control services include:

  • Independent review of existing Cost Management Systems and alignment to Industry Best Practice, (IBP)
  • Cost Management System implementation using best practice processes, systems and templates
  • Project Lifecycle forecasting including monitoring, early trending and analysis (such as Earned Value Management)
  • Identification of cost recovery planning techniques
  • Database interrogation (e.g. SAP, Oracle, Sage) including validation of Value of Work Done (VOWD)
  • Establishing a Cost Breakdown Structure aligned to the Work Breakdown Structure so Actual Costs can be traced back to the Estimate
  • Facilitation of forecast reviews using industry best practice techniques
  • Making sure best-practice cost management practices are flowed through to the supply chain via the Works Information document
  • Support for tendering process to make sure you are getting real value from the supply chain
  • Application of confidence bandings to a forecast to highlight areas of uncertainty
  • Providing support towards Change Notes, Gate packs and Bids
  • Support Business Case costings
  • Establishing Quality practices using the "assure as you go" methodology
  • Review and challenge supply chain applications for payment to make sure you're getting value for money

Now imagine the peace of mind, cost savings and benefits for your team’s reputation when your next project is set up to capture costs the right way. Plus the cost efficiencies as you, your client and contractors talk the same cost language. And don’t forget the operational efficiencies from clearly aligned costs, straightforward budget management, forecasts and variances.

Because control is everything. We’ll show you how designing-in cost control the right way is as easy as doing it wrong – and the long-term benefits.

Imagine how more control would help on your next project? To arrange your no-obligation initial consultation, please call +44 (0)1452 346 274 or email us.