As project management professionals, we both understand the inevitability of change and know it’s no respecter of project size, scope or value. Your biggest challenge isn’t avoiding change, but managing it proactively, effectively and efficiently. We can help, because we’ve successfully managed change for years.

The harsh reality is that if you aren’t managing change, you’re probably taking on project scope that hasn’t been priced or scheduled. And risks that aren’t documented, managed and mitigated – with their potential to come back and bite you.

Blueprint Change Control services include:

  • Establishing a change control process for your project or organisation
  • Developing and maintaining the project change register
  • Developing change note templates (including standardised underpinning)
  • Facilitating Change Control Boards
  • Implementing approved changes into the Performance Measurement Baseline
  • Production of change control key metrics, KPI's and dashboards to drive continuous improvement
  • Alignment of the project change process to contracts such as NEC3

Given the inevitability of change, avoiding unpleasant or unexpected surprises is a great way for smart project managers to improve the likelihood of successfully managing whatever ‘change’ throws at them.

The above mentioned tools and processes support timely identification of change, confident challenges and clear documentation and reporting.  And of course, seamless links with the project management process.

Our proven approach involves much more than just designing change registers and templates. It’s about designing a bespoke change management culture to suit you, your project and your organisation. Above all, a system to ‘catch change early and nip it in the bud!’

So how would we integrate our proven change management approach into your next project? Let’s arrange a no-obligation initial consultation to find out. Please call +44 (0)1452 346 274 or email us.